Write a love letter

Why do we still make the time and effort to write a love letter?

Because it will set you apart from everybody else and is very romantic. Just think for a moment how special it is to find a handwritten love letter between the pile of bills, junk mail, and credit offers you receive on a daily basis.

Write a love letterHolding that love letter in your hand reminds you that someone values you enough to take time to communicate with you on a very personal level. This is a letter that you will treasure and re-read time after time. It is a reminder that you are loved and cherished.

Although a love letter can be anything from an e-mail, text message, short note or card, there is something very intimate and special about a personal letter in ink that email can never have.

The most ideal gift you can give your partner is to write a love letter. It is a way to convey thoughts, feelings and sentiments that we generally find difficult to express verbally.

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Quality paper and pen  
A love letter should be handwritten on a (neutral colored) quality paper. It should have the appearance of a timeless keepsake. Pay attention to the detail: paper, envelope, good penmanship, the right stamp.

Expressing your feelings on paper can be a difficult feat to accomplish. Luckily all you need to know is how you feel and put that in writing. Follow the tips in the basic love letter for step by step instructions. Keep your writing simple, honest and real.

Rethink before you mail your letter

Remember that this letter will be read many times. Check for errors. Did you express your deepest feelings in a way that will be appreciated and stand the test of time? Do you need to soften the tone or maybe even rewrite a few sentences?

Once you are totally satisfied with your love letter, drop it in the mail or deliver it in person and wait for a response. If you’re lucky, good things will happen.


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