A step by step guide of simplified dating advice

… so that you can focus on the most important issue: Finding the right partner for you.


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Do you need simplified dating advice?

Have you been dating for a while, are you starting over or are you dating for the first time?

Tired of feeling left out because seemingly everyone, except you, is pairing up, becoming engaged, getting married, starting a family, and basically are busy with the happy ever after-thing?

Not finding your someone special?Frustrated man
Something is wrong!

Yes, you are right: something is wrong, but take a deep cleansing breath and relax.

There is nothing wrong with you …

If you take a moment to think about it, you will see that the problem is not you. We all know somebody that is not as attractive, as interesting, as unique, as giving, or as caring as you are, but still have managed to find love.

If you are not the problem, what is missing?

This is the point where you and I will be joining hands and start our journey towards the relationship you want and deserve. A journey of simplified dating advice.

You will have to be prepared to take a very honest look at yourself and what you are doing and then be willing to make some changes.

Feeling a bit intimidated and unsure?

Don’t be … changing your behavior is possible (and fun) and the pay-off may just be the love you have been dreaming of!

If things get a bit too heavy you can hop over to some of the “lighter” sections of this site that includes; dating jokes, do a quiz, read romantic poetry, find romantic text messages or read love quotes.

Reaching hands
Let’s take this journey together:

I will guide you step by step through this very interesting process of simplifying dating, help you to plan a workable strategy and arm you with skills and insights so that you can focus on finding the right partner for you.
I will provide you with simplified dating advice ….

This site is a combination of dating fun mixed up with serious growth elements to enable you to find the right partner for you.

Ready? … let’s go!
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