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Are you interested in knowing more about love signs? Learn a bit about the stars and how it is connected to your love life on this page.


 Understanding Zodiac love signs:

Whether you believe in the “stars” or not, it is interesting and fun and most of us will sneak a peek at the forecast for the day even if it’s just for laughs.

So, what are Zodiac love signs or Astrology love signs?

Basically it comes down to this: Astrology refers Zodiac love signsto the placement and movement of the planets in our skies and how they relate to us. Each planet is believed to represent a certain set of characteristics or traits.

How does it work?

Let’s say you were born in New York on a specific date and specific time. By using the place, date and time, it is possible to calculate were all the planets were at the moment of your birth. Since only one person can be born in that specific spot and time, you are unique and your astrological particulars will be unique to you.

That frozen moment in time can tell a lot about who you are, how you think, do, love, work and much more. To make this even more interesting, it is necessary to keep in mind that the planets and earth are in constant movement and things keeps on changing by the moment.

Why is the forecast in the paper not accurate?

The newspaper’s astrologer is only looking at the influence of a single planet (the sun) on a sign, instead of all the planets and their positions. This tiny section (instead of the whole pie) will at best be vague and unreliable, but good for fun and laughs.


A closer look at the personalities:





The myths behind it:

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The Taurus myth
Gemini mythology
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Leo mythology
Virgo myth
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Sagittarius myth
Capricorn mythology
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Male — Female

Aries man in love
Aries women in love

 Taurus men
Taurus women

Gemini male
Female Gemini

Cancerian men
Cancerian woman

Leo men

Virgo man in love
Virgo female

Libra man in love
Libra female

Male Scorpio
Female Scorpio

Sagittarius men
Female Sagittarius

Capricorn man in love
Female Capricorn

Aquarius men
Aquarius female

Pisces men
Pisces women


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