Love wish-lists

The first step in your walk towards your life partner is to sit down and create your two most important love wish-lists.

What is a wish-list you ask?

The wish-lists I am talking about, is a summary of the best qualities of you, and of the best qualities of the partner you want and need.

These lists will be your action plan, your guide and your strategy that you will be using from now on to determine the way you select a potential partner.

Thinking manIn creating your list, you are deciding on and defining the qualities that make up the best of who you are. The best of you-list will remind you and focus you on what makes you different from everyone else, what people will remember about you after meeting you, and what makes you interesting, special, unique and most importantly: love-able.

What makes you stand out?

After we had identified the best of who you are, we will then focus on the qualities of your potential life partner. I want you to take a bit of quiet time and reflect on your potential partner’s personality, social skills, relationship style, spirituality and looks.

I will supply you with a list of suggestions to make this easier for you. Use this as a guide, but do add more items to your partner list about what you feel is important to you.

Before you start working on your lists, I want you to Thinking womanreflect on how you think about love. What is love for you? Love is something different for everyone, but I think that we can all agree that love is a feeling.

How do you feel when you are head over heels in love and loved in return?

  • Special?
  • A profound sense of belonging?
  • Respected?
  • Accepted?
  • Blessed?
  • Proud?
  • Secure?
  • Finally found your place?
  • Fulfilled?

Did you notice it all centers around you and how you feel? What you want and need? Keep those feelings in mind when you compile your love wish-list for your partner. What is it that you want and need that will make you feel loved and cared for?

Trim your list down to the qualities that will make your feel-good bells go off. Take note that it will be his caring personality and not his sports car or the lack of a bald spot that will make you happy.

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