Virgo man in love

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Virgo man in love

Love for a Virgo is a slow process. There is the fear of the unknown to deal with, trust that must be build and then there is the fact that Virgo is not easily fooled or pulled in by a pretty face. Virgo’s are thinkers, communicators and need more that a hormonal attraction to pursue a relationship.

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To complicate things even more Virgo’s see emotions as something that is changeable and will not make life-altering decisions based on mere feelings alone. So what will make a Virgo make a love decision?Virgo man in love

The whole package of course: the ever important emotional click, sexual attraction and a meeting of minds.

His sense of realism is so strong that love at first sight will be near impossible for him. Life is a serious business and falling in love with a complete stranger is equal to gambling and gambling is another thing a Virgo mistrusts. Although he may be intrigued by you, he may turn cold since he is suspicious of anything impulsive, unmanageable or incomprehensible.

All this carefulness can be utterly boring, tedious and off-putting for the other non-Virgo’s out there. His souls lesson it to learn that love (and life) should include a healthy dose of fun and humor. Over thinking love will sadly lead to mistrust and loneliness.

It is his nature to analyze and criticize. This is without any malicious intent and is his way of ordering, setting right and keeping things balanced. Let him know when this bothers you and have a conversation about it. His courteous and listening disposition will be understanding of your needs and wants.

His criticism can sometimes be hard to take, but spare him a thought as you realize that he will even be harder on himself and his perceived shortcomings. Gently take him by the hand and show him that love can be trusted, can be a safe haven and should be taken with a grain of salt and a pinch of light teasing and humor.

Your Virgo boyfriend will be typically reasonable, supportive and kind when you most need understanding, a listening ear, a shoulder or physical help. He needs to be needed and to be given your respect. His presence in your life will be calming, quiet, warm and safe. If you long for intelligence, wit, subtlety, courteousness and an inner quietness, this is the ideal partner for you.

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