Signs you are pregnant

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What are the signs you are pregnant?


Go through the following list to help you decide if you are pregnant or not:


1. Is your period late or have you missed your period?

You might be pregnant if your period, that is usually very regular and on time, did not show up. A late period can sometimes be explained by illness or too much stress, but the later you are, the more likely it is one of the signs you are pregnant.

The ideal time to take a pregnancy home test is when your period is a week or more late. If you take the test before that it is possible to get a false result.

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2. Do you feel really, really tired?

Tiredness, sleepiness, feeling heavy, lack of concentration, feeling foggy, struggling to focus on your work, yawning a lot, needing a nap during the day, finding it difficult to sleep at night or sleeping like a dead horse are all symptoms that most women experience during their first trimester (first 12 weeks) of your pregnancy.

3. Are your breasts feeling unusually sensitive?

Within a week or two after conception you breasts will start to increase in size and feel uncomfortable, sore, tender or even tingling. This will be one of the first signs you are pregnant.

4. Are your nipples changing?

Along with your more sensitive breasts, you will also notice that the areolas (the area around your nipple) start to increase in size and will also become darker.

5. Do you suffer from morning sickness?

Some (not all) women will experience nausea or vomiting in the 2-8 weeks after conception. Although we use the term “morning sickness” some women will feel sick all day and it can vary from just feeling sick to non-stop vomiting.

6. Do certain odors or food make you feel ill?

In the early stages of pregnancy some smells or even certain foods that you liked before will make you feel sick. The usual culprits are fatty food, sweet smelling perfumes, certain cleaning products, coffee, raw meat and even cigarette smoke.

7. Do you have weird cravings?

Some women have strange food cravings and tend to want very interesting food combinations or even foods that they usually don’t like. These cravings can be very intense and need to be repeatedly satisfied – true signs you are pregnant!

8. Are you experiencing more headaches?

Some women will experience headaches early in the pregnancy due to the surge of baby-making hormones in her body.

9. Do you need to urinate more that usually?

Due to the changes in the body, you will need to go to the bathroom a lot more from 6-8 weeks after conception. This can be very uncomfortable, embarrassing and annoying!

10. Do you have light bleeding/spotting?

6-12 days after conception, implantation bleeding can occur when the embryo implants itself into the uterine wall. This can be very confusing because it will look like a light period, (with cramps and all) but is actually the beginning of your pregnancy.

11. Do you feel bloated/congested?

This can also be very confusing since it can feel the same as your regular pms-symptoms.

12. Are you feeling unusually moody?

Some women will feel very emotional and experience mood-swings ranging from very happy to sobbing to feeling totally drained and misunderstood and unloved. This is due to the increase of hormones in your system.

13. Experiencing increased vaginal discharge?

An increased clear vaginal discharge (without burning or itching) is also a sign you are pregnant.

14. Are you bleeding more easily?

This can happen when brushing your teeth and your gums bleed more easily than usual, or with small everyday scratches or even having more frequent nosebleeds if you are ordinarily prone to them. You might even find that your nose is unusually runny.

15. Do you have dizzy spells?

Dizzy spells or even fainting will usually happen (when you are pregnant) when getting up too fast and goes hand in hand with feeling very tired and drained.

16. Is you skin acting up?

Your face or body may be breaking out with a avalanche of pimples or bumps when you ordinarily have a perfect skin. You may also experience problems with pigmentation or marks on your skin.

17. Do you have a strange taste in your mouth?

Some women complain of a funny metallic taste in the mouth that will make previously favorite food taste unpleasant.

18. Having backaches?

Lower backaches will appear early in pregnancy and for some women will last throughout the entire pregnancy. This alone can’t be seen as signs you are pregnant. If however, you experience lower back pain along with some of the other symptoms on this list – you may be pregnant.


The only way that you can truly be sure if you are pregnant or not is to take a home pregnancy test or to go and see a doctor to do a pregnancy blood test.


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