Signs of physical attraction

Reading signs of physical attraction can be easy because our bodies react in very specific ways when feeling attracted to someone.

Watching out for signs of physical attraction can be confusing if you don’t know what to look for or don’t know how to correctly interpret the different signs of attraction.

Luckily for us our bodies react in very specific ways when feeling attracted to someone and so there is certain things you can look out for that will enable you to know for sure if someone is feeling physically attraction for you.




To help you to recognize these tell-tale signs, I have compiled a short list of signals of physical infatuation:

What are the signs of physical attraction?

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Feet and Legs – move mostly in an unconscious, Signs of attraction legsindependent way from our more controlled movements and is therefore a very accurate indicator of attraction.

Feet and legs pointing towards you, fiddling, crossing and uncrossing legs are all clear nonverbal signs of physical attraction.

Watch out for restless legs – it is a dead give away!

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Face – When we feel attracted to someone our face will automatically open up by way of slightly parted lips, flaring nostrils (unconsciously holding our breath), a quick eyebrow lift and/or raised eyebrows to give the face an appearance of being open and welcoming.

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Eyes – Intense feelings will cause the tear ducts to produce tears. This will be just enough to moisten the eyes but not enough to cause the tears to overflow and roll down your face.

Signs of attraction eyesThis extra moisture will cause the light to bounce more easily off the eyeball and makes the eyes look shiny, a bit mischievous and in general more attractive. You need to keep things in context as any intense emotion (uneasiness, anxiety and stress) can show up in the same way.

Keep an eye on the pupils of the eyes as they will become larger when looking at something we like or when we feel an intense emotion or when moving into the dark. This is a dead give-away since it is not something that can be controlled.

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Touching – your hair, fiddling with your clothing, Signs of attraction via touchingstroking your cheek, rubbing your chin, touching your ear, massaging your neck, playing with objects near you and fiddling with jewelry are all signs of sexual attraction.

The skin (especially the lips and mouth) become increasingly sensitive and feels really good when we are attracted to someone and will cause you to fiddle and touch a lot.

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Clothing – when we feel attracted to and aroused by someone blood flow will increase and we will feel hot and our clothing will start to feel restrictive. Taking off your jacket, pushing up of long sleeves and undoing of a tie are all signs of feelings of attraction..

Keep in mind is that a single signal of attraction seen in isolation means basically nothing. Shiny eyes after watching a soppy movie does not mean that person is attracted to you – it probably means she is in touch with her emotions.

You need to watch out for a cluster of signals of attraction (at least four) before you can really read something into it.

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