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What are the telltale signs of being in love? Will you know falling in love signs when you see them? How to read the signs of being in love?

We are chemically programmed to react in certain ways when we fall in love. Like it not, we all exhibit certain signs when we fall in love.

Read through my list of signs of being in love to see if you recognize some of these signs in yourself. Some of it is tongue in the cheek, but most of the signs of being in love in my list will (un)fortunately be true and yes, falling in love turns most of us into (happy) fools.

Luckily for us, love is blind and the silliness most of us goes through will be seen by the object of your affection as adorable and oh so sweet!


If you want to pass through this successfully, enjoy the ride and except it for what it is: the first stage of being in love.

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Signs of being in love

1. The silly grin

You can’t get that goofy grin off your face however Signs of being in lovemuch you try. Every time you think about him (which is most of the time) you smile. Some of it is due to feeling so good and some of it because you are laughing at yourself.

2. Butterflies!

If you have a really bad case of falling in love it will be butterflies as big as bats! Your palms will get sweaty, heart rate will increase, you will go weak at the knees, and the worst is of course when you so get tongue tied that you’ll sound like an idiot when you finally have the courage to speak … and then there’s the humiliation of you laughing too loud at the inappropriate moment!

3. Endless playback

You keep on going over how he said this or that, the special tone of his voice that you are sure were reserved just for you, you re-read his text repeatedly and of course you have to share every little detail with your girlfriends (even when you see signs of boredom setting in) so that you can figure out what he really meant when he said: “Hello you.”

4. Music becomes deeply meaningful

Every song you hear is suddenly meaningful and mirrors exactly what you are feeling. Slow love songs makes you swoon. You become convinced that those lyrics were written for you and destiny willed it so.

5. Time goes wonky

When you’re with her, time just flies, hours feels like mere minutes and you feel slightly cheated when you have to say goodbye – has it really been 2 hours already? When you are away from each other time just drags slowly along and this weekend feels eons away and the thought of waiting so long seems impossibly hard to cope with.

6. You are willing to go somewhere you hate

As long as you are together you are willing to go to the ends of the earth with him, even if it means going to boring motor shows, drinking sessions with his mates or even your mother in law to be that you can’t stand. If the object of you affection is a girl, you may even find yourself at a fashion show or sitting patiently waiting while she gets her hair done.

You will even start enjoying music (and food) you previously hated just because she loves it. Oh, love is a strange thing! You become blind to everything around you as long as you can look into those gorgeous eyes.

7. You become jealous

You find out that he went out with his friends last night and you feel strangely enraged and left out. You start obsessing about why he didn’t include you, where they went, what they did and (heaven forbid) whether he spend time with other women. Oh, why isn’t he spending every free moment of his time with you?

8. You develop tunnel vision

The object of your affection takes over your normal thoughts patterns. The logical center of your brain temporarily shuts down. You have trouble focusing on your work and everyday life and he keeps on creeping into your conversations. You continually catch yourself staring of in the distance dreaming silly little dreams about him.

9. You see your future together

Signs of being in loveYou are secretly practicing how to sign your new surname and daydreaming about how your children will be. Will your little daughter look like mommy and your darling boy like daddy? You are picturing a happy little family with all the usual trappings behind that perfect white picket fence. Happy ever after is so close you can (nearly) reach out and touch it.

10. Everything is better

Everything is possible and you feel ready to conquer the world. No problem is too big, no mountain too high. Your senses kick into overdrive, food tastes better, you became acutely aware of beauty around you, music speaks directly to only you, you dress and groom with care and become greatly concerned about how you smell and taste.

11. You develop good posture

Men will adopt a that classic manly stance: shoulders back, chest out, stomach pulled in, head held high and standing tall. His female counterpart will go into super feminine drive by arranging her curves into a gorgeous silhouette: chest out, shoulders back, stomach tucked in and swinging her hips just so to attract his attention.

12. You become a hoarder

You lovingly save every trace of your times together (however little or ridiculous) from movie stubs, restaurant receipts to even candy wrappers. You save every text until your inbox is overflowing and then you despair over having to choose what to delete to make space for more.

13. Goodbye’s seems impossible

It takes you about half an hour to say goodbye and then desperate and sad business of missing each other starts about 10 seconds after you managed to put the phone down after saying good bye for the twentieth time.

14. You became a meticulous planner

You dress with care in case you run into him today. You plan little gestures/gifts that won’t reveal your true feelings but will let him know you are thinking about him. You keep your apartment tidy and stock up on beer and tidbits for in case he comes over. You now carry an extra toothbrush, sexy underwear and birth control in your bag.

15. Eye contact becomes difficult

You either find it difficult to make eye contact (in case she sees your soul exposed in your eyes) or you can’t stop staring. Stuttering, laughing too loudly, saying something really idiotic or blushing will usually add to you embarrassment.

16. Mood swings

One moment you will be floating on a euphoric cloud of perfect happiness because he smiled at you and the next moment you are crawling in the depths of despair because he walked right pass you without noticing you at all. You play the – he loves me, he loves me not – game a lot.

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The signs of being love can’t be hidden or explained away but should rather be enjoyed and savored as a special time.

The video below is just for a laugh and will show you just how stupid we can become!

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