Sagittarius men

On this page you will find information about Sagittarius men so that you can know what to expect from a Archer man in love, his personality, the myth and the other love signs.

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 Understanding Sagittarius men

Sagittarius men are fun, prone to pranks, loves a dare, loves entertaining and having people around them, freely handing out bear hugs, needing to travel (in body or mind) and will daringly take a gamble on life and win. He believes in sunshine and expects good things to happen and it nearly, always will.

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He loves knowledge and knowing about things and you will find him often watching, learning, reading and in general soaking up whatever knowledge comes his way. He will put more value on life and living and knowing than on where he sleeps tonight or what he eats for dinner.

Sagittarius is a masculine, mutable fire sign Sagittarius menruled by Jupiter, the planet of expansion. Don’t be surprised if the story he is relating is a tiny bit larger than life and exaggerated into something really colorful. It is done innocently and it should stand you in good stead to enjoy the story and ignore the accuracy of the details. The story will be worth it.

Despite occasionally and innocently expanding on a story, your Sagittarius man will have a strong urge towards the truth and integrity. This tendency to not mince his words and telling as he sees it can sometimes be too blunt and can be hurtful.

He is a good natured man and his intermittent tactlessness and frankness should be taken with a grain of salt and with keeping his (good) intentions in mind. He is naturally clumsy – keep in mind that he is a man in a horse’s body trying to shoot straight arrows. Who wouldn’t be a bit clumsy having to manage all that?

Have a close look at him and you will see the horse in him. Watch for that little bounce in his step, his grace of movement, the way he proudly holds his head high, leaping over drudgery and social limits and then stumbling clumsily on a verbal or physical level. Give him a break and don’t take his little blunders too seriously.

A male Sagittarius can be difficult to tie down. He doesn’t do well feeling caged or tied down with routines and responsibilities. He is not a domestic animal and needs the freedom necessary to run, to follow his imagination or to travel when the urge takes him. If you restrict him, he will escape and then forget to return home to you.

He is an exciting, entertaining, generous and stimulating partner. Let him be himself and he will freely give of himself. What more can you ask for?

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