Romantic things to say

Finding romantic things to say is easy, even if you are a person of few words or you see yourself as “inarticulate.”

It is possible for everyone to be able to be romantic and to find romantic ideas and things to say or to use romantic lines and romantic phrases with your special someone.

Follow the tips below for romantic things to say and you will be well on your way to becoming a real romantic!

Be honest: Speak from your heart. If you honestly feel and mean what you are saying, you loved one will sense that you are sincere. Romantic lines and romantic phrases used without sincerity is just a line – it is meaningless and mean.

Elaborate on “You look beautiful”. Compliment what you find beautiful: the color/softness of her hair, the shape of his mouth, the softness of her skin. Show your partner that you are aware of their changes and efforts.

Reveal the true depth of feeling that you have. Before saying anything, consider how much you love your partner. Let those warm, fuzzy, love feelings show on your face/in your eyes. This show of emotion is extremely powerful when saying romantic things and change any mundane words into precious terms of endearments.

Use the element of surprise to your advantage. A seemingly spontaneous “you look great” at the most unexpected place or time (when exercising, working in the garden, getting groceries) will a long way in earning extra points for you.

Romantic things to say - romantic talk

Focus on your partner, not you. A common mistake we make is that we tend to do and say the things to each other that we need ourselves. Take the time and make the effort to figure out what your partner’s real needs and wants are.

Be natural. Look for opportunities to tell your partner how you feel by weaving romance into your everyday conversations, sometimes planned, sometimes unexpectedly.

Be balanced. Do not get stuck on looks, but let your partner know that you see and appreciate what they do and how the act, how they deal with different situations and people and most importantly, how they make you feel.

Choose your moments. Saying “you are the only one for me” during a intimate moment is a good thing, but the whispering it in her ear while surrounded by beautiful women at a function is worth gold.

Saying it once is not enough! Reinforcing a romantic remark by repeating it is a great way to cement your relationship. Saying “I love you” only once and hoping she got the message is a sure way to convince her that you had a momentary laps of reason and that you are playing with her affections.

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Suggestions for romantic things to say:

  1. ”I love you”

  2. “You are the only one for me”

  3. “I could hold you forever”

  4. “This feels so right”

  5. “You mean the world to me”

  6. “I want to make you feel special, always”

  7. “You complete me”

  8. “I miss you”

  9. “You are worth waking up for”

  10. “I was just going to say something, but I forgot when I started looking at you”

  11. “I was thinking about you...”

  12. “I hope this moment will last forever”

  13. “You captivate my every being”

  14. “All I ever needed is in your eyes”

  15. “I would be lost without you”

  16. “You are my world, my everything”

  17. “I never knew what love was until I met you”

  18. “I’m so proud of you”

  19. “There are no words that can describe how much I love you”

  20. "Meeting you is the best thing that ever happened to me"

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