Romantic things to do

On this page you will find a interesting array of suggestions of romantic things to do for your partner will make him feel accepted, appreciated, treasured and loved.

Finding romantic gestures things to do for Romantic gesturesyour love is very important. We all need and want to feel accepted, appreciated, treasured and loved. To give this gift to you partner, you need to be able to put your feelings into actions and words.

This is not always easy, as finding romantic things to do for your loved one does not come naturally to most of us.

You will have to work on this, plan for it and also make an adjustment in your mindset towards it.

Luckily, if you get this right, the rewards coming your way will be worth the trouble.


Follow the list below and start enjoying the benefits of being romantic:

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Romantic things to do:

Use poetry – either write it yourself or use someone else’s.

Plan a evening – you can even cook a romantic dinner if you are up to it.

Flowers – buy her favorite flowers or pick wildflowers on your way home.

Romance on the beach – go to the beach, talk a long walk, have a picnic, enjoy a moonlight swim, build a sandcastle.

Music – make a cd with your favorite love music. Slow dance together.

Love mail – send each other love e-mail, notes and even love letters. Make a list of everything you love about your partner.

Go to the movies – and make-out like teenagers. Go to the drive-in and have a romantic picnic in the back of the car.

Bath together – use bubbles, candles, soft music in the background.

Surprise your partner – do this a lot with small little token of your love.

Be there – for bad days with a hug, kiss, a cup of tea, a shoulder to cry on and listen without judgement.

Send flowers – pick your partner’s favorite flowers or even a single long stemmed flower can be very romantic.

More flowers – fill a room with flowers. Scatter them randomly all over the room. Avoid anything with thorns!

Tiny gestures – leave little notes and candy where your partner will find it much later – after you have left.

Call – just to say “I love you” or leave a sweet message for your partner to listen to later.

Favorite treat – be the bearer of your partner’s favorite snacks, drink or even a special dessert.

Chores – help each other with chores. Show that you care and that you want to make her life easier.

Pampering – spoil your partner with a message, foot rub or a voucher for a spa or beauty salon.

Take a nap together – there is nothing quite like falling asleep and waking up in the arms of the one you love.

Share daydreams – this can be a very bonding, romantic and emotional experience.

Revisit – your favorite places and go back to places you use to frequent when you started dating.

Say I love you – every day in many ways.

Send romantic text messages – every now and then just to remind your partner that you are thinking of her.

Take an interest – in your partner’s work, interests, hobbies, family, friends and passions.

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Finding romantic things to do can be quite easy, just remember to make it personal and unique to you and your partner. Don’t imitate, rather create your own style.

Take note that your partner isn’t necessarily wanting grand gestures, but if you use a bit of creativity and originality, you can crawl straight into her heart.

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