Romantic picnic ideas

 Picnic ideas and recipes

Want a very special date?

Try my romantic picnic ideas with links to easy to follow picnic ideas and recipes.

Imagine yourself sitting on a picnic blanket in the Romantic picnic ideasshade of a huge old tree, nibbling on a little delicacy while staring into your partners eyes, talking about nothing and everything.

Fresh air, delicious food, birds chirping, grass growing, romance … what more can you ask for? A picnic lends itself to romance, and as an extra bonus: it earns you brownie points.


Why go on a romantic picnic?
(with a few romantic picnic ideas up your sleeve?)

  • It’s a break from your usual dating routine,
  • guaranteed alone time with your partner,
  • impress him with your culinary skills (or deli shopping skills!),
  • Create a relaxed atmosphere to re-ignite your romance,
  • Strengthen your “you-and-me-identity.”

Now that you know why you want to go on a picnic (as if you didn’t already knew!), let’s have a look at the details of planning a picnic:

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Easy Picnic Recipes

Easy picnic recipes

My favorite really easy picnic recipes to enable you to create a memorable romantic picnic for two with very little effort.

This is for those of you who want quick and easy with the least effort possible!


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 Picnic sandwiches

Picnic sandwiches are the ultimate “oh so easy” picnic Romantic picnic ideas sandwichfood. Try my sandwich filling recipes to impress your partner with your (superior) sandwich-making skills!

Find a variety of recipes from chicken, ham, beef, seafood to vegetarian sandwich recipes. Easy and yummy …

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Cold picnic food recipes

Cold picnic food recipes are just what you need when Cold picnic food recipesit’s hot outside and you are looking for food ideas for a picnic.

On this page you will find classic (and easy to make) picnic recipes such as chicken wings, potato salad, cole slaw, refreshing lemonade and more.


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Gourmet picnic recipes

Romantic picnic ideas

A lovely selection of very easy gourmet picnic recipes to transform an ordinary picnic into something really memorable, scrumptious and utterly romantic.


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Picnic desserts

Sumptuous picnic desserts can be the perfect ending to Romantic picnic ideasa great picnic, especially if you add a romantic twist to it.

You can keep it simple (s’mores, peanut biscuits) or go all out with a scrumptious rich chocolate mousse.

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Picnic food safety

To ensure a perfect picnic you need to pay attention to picnic food safety by taking proper food safety precautions.

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