Romantic evening

Romantic night ideas for romantic evenings at home or for going out.

The secret to pulling off unforgettable romantic evening ideas depends on just a few basic ingredients – anyone can do it.

Keep in mind, when planning a romantic evening that the focus should not be so much on what you will be doing, but rather on how you make each other feel.

The mood you create and the feelings you evoke in each other will be the difference between a special night to remember and an ordinary date.

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SunsetThink back and try to remember the things that your partner enjoyed. You can also focus on their favorite things: music, smell, color, food, what makes them laugh, what are their soft spots?

Combine this information with the list of suggestions for romantic evening ideas that follows and create a truly special evening.

You don’t have to use everything on the list of romantic evening ideas for this date, but keep them in mind for a next romantic occasion.


Use the following steps to ensure success with all your romantic evening ideas:


The amount of thought and planning you put into your romantic evening ideas will convince your date that you are a caring, considerate person and that you value them enough to make an effort. See your planning process as your gift to your date.


This can be any setting that you can turn into something romantic: your home, your backyard, the beach, the top of a tall building, a spot next to a lake, the local park, or anything else you can think of. Just make sure that you will have total privacy.


Turn down the lights and light up some candles. Candles are an affordable luxury that can evoke immediate feelings of tranquility, intimacy and romance. Put your candles in the freezer a few hours before you are planning to use them and they will last a lot longer.


No romantic event can be complete without flowers. Make sure there is flowers at your romantic location (you can even throw petals on the floor, bed or in the bathtub) Find out what her favorite flowers are and have them delivered to her before your date, or arrive at your date’s door with flowers.


Soft, slow, background music is the key to that special ambiance you are wanting to create. Play “your song” and ask your date for a slow dance …


You can’t go wrong with a bottle of white or red wine or a special bottle of your favorite bubbly. If you don’t drink alcohol, get a bottle of sparkling cider or any other fruit juice of your choice.


Make plenty of bite-sized treats to feed each other throughout the evening. If you are into cooking, prepare a special meal or order something in and warm it up later. This is not the time for the regular junk food type or takeaways.


Although taking a gift is optional, a small token of your affection can take you a long way. Keep to your romantic theme: chocolate, flowers, teddy bear, love letter, poem, jewelry or a gift voucher. Don’t get you date what he/she needs, but what he/she wants.


This is a very special night, make it unforgettable by treating your date as if he/she is the most important person in your world. Listen with your full attention to what they are saying, be attentive and focus on doing things that you know your date will enjoy. Be sincere when planning and executing your romantic evening ideas.


A few romantic night ideas:

Beach picnicGo to the beach – pack a sumptuous picnic basket, a large blanket and a few luxurious cushions. Make a big bonfire and watch the sunset.
Cuddle and talk. Later on you can even take a little dip in the ocean or go for a walk under the stars.

Romantic Dinner – you can’t go wrong with candles, soft music and a sumptuous meal. Pay attention to the small things and add to the occasion by dressing up.

A Night in a Hotel – surprise your date with a reservation at a luxurious hotel. Have flowers and champagne placed in your room, and make full use of all the lovely little treats that come with your room. Use the time together to focus on each other and becoming even closer.

Go to a Drive-In Movie – pack a picnic basket full of delicious treats, add a soft blanket and snuggle in the backseat of your car for a romantic evening of movie-watching.

Spa Night – prepare a special room with candles, soft music and lots of soft pillows. Treat each other with stress-melting massages or even a foot rub. End this off with a candle-lit, sensual bubble bath.

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