Romantic body language

Without even realizing, your body, with the help of romantic body language, tells a potential mate that you are available, interested and good breeding stock just by the way you act.

Intimate questions you must ask

Understanding romantic body language is easy if you keep in mind that any flirting behavior has one of three outcomes in mind:

  • attracting your attention,
  • getting closer to you,
  • having sex with you.

Body language happens mostly on a subconscious, non-verbal level. The part of our brain (primitive, reptilian brain stem) that urges us to procreate and boost the population growth, goes on autopilot when there is a prospect to go forth and multiply.

Mother Nature leaps into action to help you look your best. Without even realizing, your body tells a potential mate that you are available, interested and good breeding stock just by the way you sit, stand and walk.


Flirting over snookerI will reveal a few basic skills to you to assist you in interpreting the signals you are sending out (so that you can change it to send out signals of attraction) but also to help you decode other people’s bodies.

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Knowledge is power, and don’t we all need all the help that we can get?


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If you plan and need to change some of the things you have been doing, keep in mind that this type of change takes about six weeks to become habit.

Six weeks may seem a very long time, but it is actually a relative short period if you consider that those habits took your whole life-time to set in place.

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 To learn more about romantic body language, go to:

Signs of physical attraction

Without our realizing it, our bodies give out certain signals when attracted to someone and it is easy to read those signs if your know what to look for. This knowledge can be very handy when you need to know if someone you have your eye on is attracted to you.


Flirting types

Everyone is different and have different ways of flirting. If you don’t understand his flirting style you are running the risk of misunderstanding his flirting signals. Learn how to distinguish between the flirting types and you will know how to “answer” that person on their wavelength.


 Does he like me?

Not sure if he is into you? Learn from this page how to read his body language. You will be able to see from certain tell-tale signs if he is into you before he has even made a single move towards you.


Does she like me?

Women have many more unconscious body language signals showing her attraction than men have. You will know what’s on her mind even before she has worked it out for herself!


Signs of being in love

When someone is in love they just can’t help themselves. Being in love means being on cloud nine and that everything has changed. Read through this list and you will know exactly what I mean …


Commonsense use of body language

Reading and understanding someones’ body language can be relatively easy, but you need to use you head when doing this and not make deductions that is not true.


 Signs of lying

Find out what to look out for when you suspect that your partner is lying to you. This can be painful but rather face reality now before it ruins your life.

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