Quotes of love


– Crush and love quotes –


This is my collection of quotes of love, romantic sayings and sayings about love.

I hope they will inspire you to remember the true value of love found as well as love lost.

I sometimes just read through them to remind me how precious love can be.


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Quotes about love


All of the quotes listed below have to do with love and life and always reminds me when I read through them to appreciate how precious it is to have someone to love an to be loved in return.

Feel free to used these quotations in your everyday life or for special occasions.




I’ve compiled these quotations over the years and sorted it into sections to make it easy for you to find and read. To see the rest of my collection of quotes of love, simply click on the links below to go there:

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As you read through my collection of quotations keep in mind that everyone of them originated from a person, famous or not, that was going through some sort of experience.

That experience touched them deeply enough to voice an opinion on it and that opinion was so interesting that someone else noted it and spread the word. Today, we are all enjoying it!

Some of them are evergreen classics and some are new and maybe still fresh in our memories.

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