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Understanding Pisces men

Pisces men are ruled by Neptune, a watery feminine sign with deep emotional undercurrents and will very likely have a difficult time coping in a masculine dominated world. Combining being masculine with having deep emotions, sentiments and compassion will cause a lot of confusion at the best of times.

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Symbolized by 2 fishes swimming in opposite directions you can surely understand that finding a balance will be a difficult task. Some Pisceans react to this by repressing their emotions, becoming rational, emotionless, matter of fact-types that avoid anything emotional by shutting off or ridiculing it.

Others choose strong a partner to look after them and then play victim by complaining about the unfairness of life, the harsh realities of the economy and even about being bullied and misunderstood by their partners. These Pisceans are usually soft-spoken, shy, retiring and tend to play doormat with a long suffering attitude of helplessness.

Escaping reality by drifting away into substance abuse, jumping from job to job, relationship to relationship, promiscuity and withdrawing from life are just some of the ways Pisces men will try to avoid reality and their emotions.

If you are lucky enough to find a Pisces man that have been able to balance his emotions with reality, you are truly blessed. This is the perfect partner who will understand your emotional ups and downs while doing all the manly things like protecting and supporting. He will understand, be sensitive, gentle, compassionate, creative and very perceptive.

He knows he is actually a spirit and that reality as we know it is only a temporary state. He is a dreamer and his ultimate dream is to follow the music his soul is capable of making. Don’t try to tie him down or dictate to him. He will just drift away from you or withdraw into himself.

The Pisces men will not pursue you with gusto and passion. He is a sensuous man that prefers soft candle light, romantic music, satin sheets, meaningful conversation and gentleness. Nothing harsh, in your face or anything that resembles a conquest. It will just kinda happen …

Never underestimate this man. He is the last of the twelve star signs and his personality is made up out of the experiences of the previous eleven signs. On an instinctual level, he knows it all and won’t be fooled easily. He has profound insight and understanding of human nature and won’t stick to the norm of what is acceptable when dealing with life.

This is a passive sign and he will deal with aggression, pressure and confrontation by simply drifting away. Now you see him, now you don’t.

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