Miss you messages

AAhhh! The sweet pleasure of a miss you message! Don’t we all at some time suffer from the bitter sweetness of missing someone even when you will see each other very soon?

Luckily for us, a quick ~ I miss you message ~ can make a huge difference.

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See this as an opportunity to let your partner feel safe, loved and cared for by reminding him that he is in your thoughts.

Try one of the following miss you messages:

I'm going to write on all the bricks I MISS U and I wish that one falls on ur head,so that u know how it hurts when u miss someone special like u.

I woke up a few hours ago, but somehow I feel incomplete til I remembered I haven't texted u yet. Have a great day!

Today I woke up with a pain in my heart, I didn't know where it came from until my mind reminded me that it's the pain of missing you.

U are TOO far away 4rm me, that’s why I have to shout: I M-I-I-I-I-S-S-S-S Y-O-O-U-U! did u hear that?

Can u keep a secret?
Between me & u
You promise?
I really need to tell u this...



Wat makes some people dearer is not just de happiness dat u feel when u meet them but de pain u feel when u miss them.. MISS U...

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Last night i wanted to send u a msg, but all i could write was: "noh ss!w !". it didn't make much sense until i read it upside down...

Whenever I miss You, Stars falls down from the Sky.
So any day if you find the sky empty, don't blame me!
It's all your fault; You made me Miss You So Much!

Close your Eyes,
Relax your Body,
And stop your Breathing as long as you can...
I Miss you as much as YOU MISSED AIR!

Good Time,
Bad Time,
Day Time,
Night Time,
Work Time,
Off Time,
Happy Time,
Sad Time,
Sleep Time,
In the Mean Time...
I MISS YOU all the Time.

Delete Message?
no Wait!
I wana say somethng thats only 4 you

( )" " "( ) ( )""*( )
("( 'o' ) .. ( 'o' )")


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Every time I say 'how are you?' my heart says 'I care for you.'. Everytime I ask 'how have you been?' my heart whispers 'I miss you'

Missing You
Is Like Being
Lost In A
Black And White World ...
Seems So
Faded And Lonely ...

Let me guess what U R doing...
Reading book?
Listening to Music?
Watching TV?
Caught U!
Missing me and reading my SMS??!!
Oh Now U R Smiling.

I may seldom tell u how special u are,
I may not be able to reach u
we're both busy,
but in spite of all,
u know u are someone
I really miss & care about.

, -. .- .
'. I .'
. " . "

, -. .- , -. .- .
'. I '. Miss.'
. " . " " . "

, -. .- , -. .- .-. .-.
'. I '.Miss.'You.'
. " . " " . " " .

I dont have the measels, I am not confined to bed,
asprin wont help coz it aint my head,
I dont have back ache or the flu,
its more serious...
I am missin u!

Have you seen my smile? because the last time I wore it was when I was with you.
Miss U.

Trying to forget someone you
loved is like trying to remember
someone you never knew.
Miss U!

What makes some people dearer is not just the happiness that we feel when we meet them but the emptiness we feel when they are not around us. I Miss U!

Before I sleep and after I wake up and all the hours in between ... you occupy my mind. So, practically every moment of the day you are in my thoughts. I miss you.

I did three things today; miss you, miss you, and miss you.

When I miss you, I don't have to go far ... I just have to look inside my heart because that's where I'll find you.

I heard someone whisper your name, but when I turned around to see who it was, I was alone. Then I realized that it was my heart telling me that I miss you.

Missing someone is your heart's way of reminding you that you love them."

I miss you so much that you're always on my mind. I love you so much that you're always in my heart.

I don't miss you and you alone; I miss you and me together.

Keep your miss you messages sweet and touch a heart!

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