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Does he like me?

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 Understanding Leo men in love

It is very easy to recognize a Leo man. He is the one with the magnificent mane of hair (even more impressive than the Leo girl.) He will be courageous, act larger than life, charming, warm, very proud and vulnerable to hurt to his sensitive ego.

You’ll have the impression that he is on a stage and that everyone around him main purpose are to applause and sing his praises. He can be heart-breakingly hurt if he doesn’t receive the recognition and adoration he thinks he deserves. He is after all, the king of the jungle.

Leo MenIf you are the object of his affections be prepared for a full frontal courtship with all the accompanying bells and whistles. He will sweep you off your feet with grand gestures consisting of gifts, dream dates and declarations of love. You will feel like the most desirable creature in the world.

Remember to be suitably impressed with his gifts, but focus on letting him know what a wonderful gift-giver, man and lover he is. He craves recognition and appreciation. Sit at his feet, stare adoringly into his eyes, stroke him and he will purr.

Leo is a very masculine sign and this is where the problems between you might start. He will be very uncomfortable if he is not the center of your universe. Spending more energy on your own career, interests and ideas will send him off into sulking spells, biting sarcasm or cool indifference.

He will see it as a betrayal and will be deeply hurt and humiliated. Be warned. The solution to this is to make him part of your career and interests by asking for his advice and direction. Making him the inspiration and driving force in your life will make him feel loved and needed.

He has a big heart and if that heart belongs to you, you are truly loved.

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