How to kiss

Oh, the sweet pleasure of a kiss!

It awakens butterflies in your stomach, sends goose bumps up your spine and makes you feel alive! It is the reason you walk around with a silly grin on your face, it forgives your stupidities and smiles at your mistakes.

What will life be without the pleasures of a kiss? Learn how to kiss or brush up on your technique. …

When planning a kiss remember: Relax, take it very slowly and enjoy the feeling of being close. Be sure to go to how not to kiss to get tips on how to avoid being a bad kisser.

Need a little kissing help?

To learn how to kiss, follow the easy steps below …

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How to kiss approachStep 1

Move your whole body closer. Lean in with your upper body, face and mouth towards your partner’s. Your focus and full attention should be on your partner’s mouth.

How to kiss close up

Step 2

Tilt your head slightly to the side to avoid bumping noses. Watch to see the direction your partner is titling and adjust accordingly. You can choose (or not) to use your hands to touch or hold your partner – do what comes and feels natural. (see also: how to be a great kisser )

How to kiss in actionStep 3

Keep your lips relaxed and soft. Most people close their eyes when kissing – do what feels natural for you. Slowly, gently meet your partners lips. It is not important if your lips are slightly higher or lower than theirs. Enjoy the sensations and intimacy of the moment.

How to kiss - afterwardsStep 4

Pull away slowly. Stay in the moment by enjoying the closeness, sharing a smile or even by hugging. It is always a good idea to say something positive like ‘mmmmnnnn ….. nice’, to let your partner know that you enjoyed the kiss.

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