How to build self esteem

What is the definition of self esteem?

Self esteem is basically a collection of all the things (perceptions, opinions, information) that you believe about yourself.

This can be good or bad or a mixture of both. These beliefs you have about yourself, shape and influence everything you do and feel.

Why is self esteem important?

What you think about yourself is how you measure your lovability, acceptability, worth, capabilities and strengths. This makes (or breaks) the “you” that you present to the world.

We all enter life intact. (you know … sweet and baby-like?) As we go along, life happens and we interpret and react to everything that happens to us.

We attach meaning to every little thing that happens to us and so we start to form a story of ourselves. If you are lucky and things go well for you, your view of yourself will be positive, true and healthy.

If however, things did not go well for you, you will have a damaged, twisted or pain filled view of yourself.

Everything about you, the way you present How to build self esteemyourself to the world, the way you love, deal with money, how ambitious you are, every success or failure you have, how you deal with people, anger, stress, the peace and harmony in you life stems from how you see yourself, your self esteem.

If you are a positive type of person, you will attract positive people and good love into your life. If you are a negative, damaged person, you will attract people into your life that will damage and hurt you even more.

It is therefore extremely important to know how to build self esteem and to find ways to build self esteem. Luckily for us, overcoming low self esteem is not only possible, but a must if you want to live a happy, healthy life.

The question now is: how to build self esteem? The answer: you tackle this the same way you will tackle eating an elephant – one bite at a time.


Start with the links below to learn how to build self esteem.

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Symptoms of low self esteem

Before you can start the work, you need to identify the areas in you life that are affected by low self esteem. I’ve compiled a list of universal low self esteem signs to help you to identify your problem areas. Work through this list to pinpoint what you need to work on.

Overcoming low self esteem

This page will help you to identify where and how your low self esteem problems started. This information can be very powerful in your healing process. Finding the root of a problem can enable you to alter the way you think about it and then heal from it. Be prepared that this will require some work on your part.

Self esteem exercises

Learn how to replace the negative self talk that fuels your low self esteem with positive thinking patterns to lead you to a happy, healthy life. It is a practical and continual process to re-program you in a sustainable manner.

Self esteem affirmations

Using affirmations is a great way to boost your self esteem when you are feeling low or find yourself in a situation where you need a quick, positive lift for low self esteem. Use my list or compile your own list of affirmations to fit your own circumstances.