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Understanding the Gemini male

Gemini is a mental air sign and is therefore always in motion. It can be seen in the way they tend to fidget, the way their eyes wander around curiously looking at everything around them or that seemingly wandering attention span.

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This man can’t sit still and if he does Gemini malesit still, his mind is busy pondering something or the other. He is naturally curious and always interested. Take note that his hunger for knowledge is not in order to have some kind of influence or power over you, but just because he likes to know things.

Gemini males (and females) have a surface knowledge of just about every subject under the sun and make witty and interesting conversationalists. He has a knack for drawing out and focusing on the more interesting facts very quickly without getting entangled in the messy details of it.

He loves words and ideas and finding out how things work and why. Talking, having contact with people and spinning ideas (and even gossiping) is a favorite and enjoyable pastime.

His touch is light and you will not find a heavy outpouring of emotion or any deeply intense moments of sharing deep dark secrets or deep entanglements with him. He is the eternal butterfly, dancing lightly from one pretty moment to the next.

He doesn’t do well in fixed routines or with boredom of any kind. He will very quickly feel caged, suffocated, utterly bored and will swiftly move on. You need to be interesting and interested to keep his attention.

Don’t be overly emotional around this man. The only way he wants to deal with emotions is when he can talk about it, analyze it, dissect or scrutinize it, and not getting snared into actually feeling it.

Give him lots of space to go exploring, discovering, flirting with life and everyone in it and he will show you that life is fun and worth exploring.

When dealing with a Gemini, take a look at their moon and ascending signs because that will influence the way they interact with the world and will anchor them.

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