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Taking fun quizzes can be very entertaining and fun, but it can also help you to reflect on your life and the love in your life.

If you feel like a bit of light relief – take a quiz!

There is, however more to a quiz than you think. You will find that a question sticks in your head and will start you thinking about what you are doing, how you are reacting to things and how you can make changes.

I have compiled a list of fun questionnaires you can take and will be adding more to this list as time goes by. Enjoy!


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List of quizzes:


What is your body image?
Figure out how you really feel about your body.

Does he like me?
Find out if he is really into you.

Really in love?
Decide if your feelings are real.

Do you have bad breath?
Feeling a bit unsure about your breath?

Animal personality quiz
What kind of animal are you?

Babysitting quiz
Are you a good babysitter?

Am I pregnant?
Take this quick, basic quiz to find out.

Online pregnancy quiz
Take this comprehensive, insightful test to find out if you are pregnant.

Pregnancy symptom quiz
Take this quiz to help you figure out what the symptoms of being pregnant are.

Signs you are pregnant (not a quiz)
What are the signs you are pregnant? This is a list of the real symptoms of being pregnant.

End relationship quiz
Do you know when it is time to break up? Take this quiz to help you figure out if you need to get out.

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