Does she like me

Before you walk over to her and possibly humiliate yourself, ask yourself: Does she like me and then make sure she is into you by looking out for the  give-away signs that’s listed below.

Women are masters of communication with their bodies. Long before any contact between you two, she would have send you loads of non-verbal flirting signals without even knowing.

Watch out for the signals by reading the following list and get an answer for: “Does she like me?”

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Does she like me?


Shoulder flash

This is the same as the eyebrow flash (see Does he like me?) When meeting someone you are attracted to, you will unconsciously shrug your shoulders. It is a very slight, quick movement – so watch out for it.

Expose a body-part

When we become aroused by someone, our clothing start to feel restricted. Women (and men) will push up sleeves, take layers of clothing off, undo buttons and even hike up skirts. Women will take this a bit further by exposing erogenous zones such as her wrists, a shoulder, her inner tight and it goes without saying: cleavage.

Your mouth

If she feels a strong attraction for you, she will look at your mouth, a lot. Her eyes will keep on wandering from your eyes to your mouth. Subconsciously she is wondering how it will feel if that mouth is kissing hers!


She will stroke her hands, arms, neck, the wineglass and will even go so far as to massage her neck. Without realizing she is mimicking erotic touching as a way of letting you know what it will be like if your hand were touching her in those place. It is classic teasing behavior and she doesn’t even realize she is doing it.

HairflipHair flip
Playing with her hair is typical preening behavior, but flicking or tossing her hair with her hand or head is a way of wafting pheromones in your direction – a direct invitation.

Unlike men who will try to preen in an unobtrusive manner, women will preen in front of you. She will adjust clothing, play with her hair, jewelry, flick her hair and most importantly: lick her lips.

Space invasion
If she really likes you, she will start to invade your space with her “things” (wineglass, plates, hands) This is something both sexes use to close the space between them. Playing with objects close to you is a sure sign that she is into you.

Dropped voice
This is a very effective way of pulling you closer. She will drop her voice or even whisper so that you will have to move into her space to catch what she is saying.

Check the bum check bum

Woman usually start their scan of you with your face (eyes and mouth), then the hair and a quick overall look to judge build and size. Next will be your clothing and accessories, followed by the legs, and lastly the crotch and bum.

If you catch her checking out your bum, you probably passed her test.


You can find the answer to the question: “Does she like me?” very easily if you know what to look for!

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