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Insightful details about Cancerian woman in love, as well as info about the Cancer personality, mythology and the other love signs.

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Cancerian women can roughly be divided into the mothering types and those who want to be mothered and then most of them who are somewhere in between, wanting a bit of both.

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Don’t be fooled by all this mothering talk, she is as driven and ambitious as any other sign. What differentiate her is that she will mostly drive her ambitions through her mate or children with amazing efficiency and energy.

Since Cancer is a feminine sign you can Cancerian womanexpect her to have all the female traits: emotional, mystery, gentleness, softness but watch out for moodiness, being irrational and even cruelty and ruthlessness. Her emotions and depth of feelings are complex and multi-layered and so is she!

The first part of her life is usually devoted to raising her children and when they leave home, she will feel desperately lost and directionless. She will then either become a neurotic nag or redirect her life into another supportive position.

She will then truly come into her own and will with her wisdom and insight into human emotions be very valuable in her community of whatever area of life she focuses on.

You need to know that she needs the security of a warm and protective relationship. Tradition, the sanctity of home life and a close relationship are necessities to anchor her. Food, and enough of it is also of great importance to a Cancerian woman.

Money, and enough of it is another important factor in her life. She craves security and part of it is financial security. She knows how to work with money and how to make it grow and grow into a tidy nest egg for that rainy day that will surely come. She likes to be prepared for “what if’s”

She is very sentimental and is able to remember the smallest of details of long ago happenings. Treat her well and value her emotions since she is very vulnerable once you get past that hard shell and snapping pinchers.

She will treat your physical and emotional hurts, wants and needs with a touching gentleness and will be a safe haven for you to come home to. Just keep an eye on the state of the moon to be prepared for the mood she will possibly be in when you reach home!


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