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The Aries man in love is truly the stuff that faerie tales are made of. He is the original knight in shining armor that will protect you, fight fire breathing dragons for you and pursue all manner of grand romantic gestures to win your heart. Read about the story of Jason and the mythology of Aries.

The problem with this is that the Aries guy is Aries man in loveso busy with the pursuit of his damsel in distress that he forgets that he is dealing with a real flesh and blood women and not some idealized princess he worships.

You may get the feeling that when he looks at you, he isn’t seeing the real you but rather a shimmering fantasy figure that represents you.

Aries men are the original male chauvinists and will have great difficulty understanding and accepting that his protection and interference is a tad over-done and not welcome. You are after all a modern woman who can think and do for yourself. The adoring bit is fine, but the interfering is not.

Take note that one of the Aries male characteristics is that his ego is fragile. He is a true manly man and will work hard at keep this macho image intact. He will shrug off feeling hurt, tired, or vulnerable.

He expects everybody around him to believe in him and his vision totally, and even expecting you to set aside your own goals to support him in his. He intends no malice and is usually not aware how insensitive he seems. He is driven by passion, a challenge and grand gestures without realizing the consequences.

Aries man in loveShould you be a passive, submissive partner to keep your Aries man in love? Not at all! He will soon lose interest and find a more intriguing princess to rescue.

To peak and keep his interest you need to the unobtainable lady. Be slightly reluctant, just out of reach. It is what he can’t have that keeps him motivated and passionate. The challenge of winning your over, trying to please you, getting your attention is his driving energy.

Take that away by being predictable, boringly stable and “the same” and you will lose him for sure.

Have you own life with your own interests so that you can continually bring new stimulation and experiences into the relationship. You don’t have to supply the excitement, he will, but just be open to it, without trying to tame or spoil it for him.

One great trait of the Aries personality is that he is never complacent. If he understands that your relationship has certain needs and processes he will make that his cause. He will passionately work and grow your relationship with all he got. What more can you ask for?


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