Aquarius mythology


– Aquarius myth –

From the Aquarius mythology we will learn about the humanitarian aspect of the Aquarian nature.

To better understand the Aquarius personality we will be looking at the stories of Prometheus, Adam and Eve and Pandora and her box of terrors.

All these myths have one thing in common: the noble intention of the Aquarian character.

Read a short version of the Aquarius myths below:

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Aquarius mythology

Zeus, the King of the gods, being a bit paranoid and aquarius-mythology1holding on to his power a tad too tightly, withheld the use of fire from mortal men.

Fire represented creative energy and Zeus did not want humans to have access to that and then developing into demi-gods.

Prometheus, a Titan, took pity on man and gave them fire.

Zeus retaliated by chaining Prometheus to a rock. An eagle came to peck out his liver every day only to have it grow back at night. Prometheus suffering continued until Hercules set him free.

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In the Garden of Eden, God prohibited Adam and Eve from eating from the tree of knowledge to prevent them from becoming like gods. Here Prometheus is represented as the serpent that convinced them that knowledge is more important than blind faith.

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The symbolism and meaning of
the mythology:

Throughout the tree myths we see the common thread of his noble impulse to assist humanity. Although it doesn’t always turn out for the best, his intention focuses on his faith in human potential and human nature.

His interference is selfless since he strives to right aquarius-mythologyunfairness by gifting the means to develop potential divinity and knowledge. Unfortunately, it is also true that he is impulsive and doesn’t consider the consequences of handing power and knowledge over to unenlightened mortals.

Hope and knowledge are wonderful gifts but can turn bad in ill-equipped hands. Aquarius has an idealistic view that knowledge is the answer to everything and that each individual should be their own and only judge in the end.

Whether this view is right or wrong will always be an ongoing debate, but at least there is always hope.


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