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Do you need to figure out if you are pregnant?

I have compiled this quiz to help you to identify the signs of pregnancy to clear things up for you.

This is a great free pregnancy quiz to take, and very handy, especially if your period is a bit late and you are starting to suspect that you may be pregnant. Waiting for a late period to show up can be very stressful and cause it to be delayed even more. Relax, breath deeply and remember: worrying won’t change anything!


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If, after taking this quiz, you feel that you might be pregnant, take a home pregnancy test. These tests are most accurate if you take it a week after your period was supposed to have started. If you still feel unsure, go to your doctor and get a pregnancy blood test done.

Keep in mind that this quiz is very basic and not scientific or meant to be a replacement for a medical test. If you suspect that you are pregnant, stop wasting time on unnecessary worrying and rather just go for a test.

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